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The Best Vietnamese Foods & Drinks

Tea ‘N Mi is the number one place in the city for Vietnamese foods & drinks. Come meet us and enjoy our famous Banh Mi sandwiches and fabulous drinks.

Tea ‘N Mi is the best place in the city

Come visit us and enjoy great coffee, reasonable prices and Vietnamese Banh Mi Sandwiches. We’d love to meet!

“…I just love Tea ‘N Mi for all the reasons you imagine! Awesome cafe and Banh Mi Sandwich! Great customer service and quality!…”


Best Vietnamese and Asian Cuisine

Our staff is a blend of fine young men and women who share a common passion for Vietnamese traditional food & drinks. They are happy to help at any time and answer your questions.

Our special Vietnamese Sandwiches

Come and taste our finest Banh Mi Sandwiches in Town, made with love by our experienced and friendly staff.

Grilled Pork Sandwich

Marinated Grilled Pork


Grilled Beef Sandwich

Marinated Grilled Beef


Grilled Combo Sandwich

Vietnamese Combo


Our Vietnamese coffee & Milk Teas

Come and taste our milk tea and coffee suggestions, made with love by our experienced and friendly staff.

Earl Grey Milk Tea

Freshly brewed Earl Grey tea, combined with non-dairy creamer.


Taro Milk Tea

Taro flavored drink combined with non-dairy fresh milk


Taro Milk Tea

Brown sugar syrup, combined with whole milk and heavy cream


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Enjoy top quality and friendly service

At Tea ‘N Mi you only get premium quality in every aspect of service and food, drinks and people. 


Our bartenders prepare premium quality refreshers for any time of day.


Enough said. At Tea ‘N Mi you get the best slushies in town.


Vegan or not, our smoothies are absolutely fantastic. Come and try them.

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